Privilege Card


Feels what it's like to be Privileged

As WPS Privilege Cardholder, you are now part of a great new tradition of YKL COLOR and FUJIFILM as we celebrate you through our official WPS Privilege Card Community!  

As a new member, you will be enjoying special discounts on Digital Printing and Allied Services as well as discount on selected merchandise purchase!   

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What are the Privileges?

 As part of our commitment to achieve excellent customer satisfaction, we are giving special discounts on Merchandise and Printing Services exclusively available to all Wonder Photo Shop Privilege Cardholders! 


(A) 20% Discount on Digital Printing 

  • 2R up to 12R Size

(B) 20% Discount on Allied Services 

  • PhotoSafe Album
  • (PBB) PhotoBook Album 
  • Fujifilm Photo Diary
  • Wonder Print Station
  • DecoPrint
  • Glazz-it Tempered Glass Frame (Prints & Frame)
  • Layout and Restoration Services
  • PhotoTac Cold Lamination / UV Lamination Service
  • Film and Flatbed Scanning
  • Developing Charge
  • Datawrite Services

(C) 30% Discount on Digital Enlargement Service 

  • 12x20 up to 24x48 for Matte and Glossy Paper
  • 12x20 up to 24x48 for Canvass/Velvet Paper

(D) 5% Discount on Merchandise 

  • All kinds of Albums
  • Camera Bags and Softcase / Pouches 
  • Batteries and Chargers
  • Commercial and Professional Films
  • Instax Cameras and Films*
  • Digital Cameras*
  • Frames
  • Memory Cards
  • Tripod
  • All Wonder Items
  • Studio Services (except ID Packages)

*Discount is not applicable in conjunction to any other promo or sale items

How to apply for the Wonder Photo Shop Privilege Card?

  1. Fill up the Application Form and pay P180.00 per card at select Wonder Photo Shop (WPS) and/or Fujifilm Digital Imaging (FDI) shops and use them while you wait!
  2. The card can be used instantly within the store where the application is filed. In order to use the card to other WPS and/or FDI Branches, please wait for 48-hour activation period.

Terms of use


  1. The Wonder Photo Shop Privilege Card must be presented at all times when availing for a discount to select WPS and/or FDI branches.
  2. The Wonder Photo Shop Privilege Card is TRANSFERABLE and can be split into three (3) cards with one (1) Primary and Two (2) Supplementary Accounts.
  3. The above-mentioned discounts will be applied on the Suggested Retail Price and therefore cannot be used in conjunction with other promo or sale products and services.
  4. Wonder Photo Shop Privilege Card is valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance.
  5. Erasures, alterations or tampering shall invalidate the Wonder Photo Shop Privilege Card.
  6. For damaged, lost or stolen card, a P180.00 fee will be charged for card replacement.

Apply Now

You may visit selected Wonder Photo Shop branches to apply for a YKL Privilege Card and use it instantly!