Eazypix Digital Print Machine
Ideal for birthdays, weddings, debuts, homecomings, reunions, launchings, school and and corporate events trade shows, baptisms, fairs and others. Best give away that would keep the memories alive.

Four (4) packages to choose from:
  1. BASIC Package: 2 to 3 hours, 100pcs 4R or 200pcs Wallet Size Prints
  2. CORPORATE Package: 5 to 6 hours, 100 pcs 4R or 200 pcs wallet size.
  3. UNLIMITED Package: 3 to 4 hours, unlimited 4R
  4. LARGE PRINT Package: 5 to 6 hours, 60 prints 6R
Other Details:
  • P15 / print in excess of 4R prints
  • P140 / print in excess of 6R prints
  • Uses Professional DSLR Camera
  • Customized design layout by professional graphic artists
  • Uses Fujifilm paper
  • Images burn in CD or DVD
  • Professional studio lighting

YKL Photovan
Ideal for outdoor events, corporate, fiesta, city events, festivals and others. This photo van is consist of two Eazypix printers. 

Studio Rental
If you need an area of 10x6.5 meters for a studio then look no more as we have the place and space for you.

  1. Dressing room 3x3 with toilet and bath
  2. Assorted seamless background
  3. Assorted muslin cloth background
  4. Open Monday to Saturday, Sunday and holidays by appointment
Lighting Equipment:
  • 2 Heads Visatec 1600 (600ws)
  • 2 Heads Visatec 800 (300ws)
  • Visatec 160x120 cm street box (elongated soft box)
  • 100x100 cm softbox
  • 2pcs Umbrella white 48 inches
  • Boom with stand