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About YKL Color Incorporated

YKL Color Incorporated
is one of the Philippine's distributors of Fujifilm products under Fuji Photo film Co. Ltd. of Tokyo(Fuji), a leading global manufacturer in three business segments, including Imaging Solutions, Information Solutions, and Document Solutions. Recognized for its technological leadership and high quality, Fujifilm offers a complete portfolio of Imaging, information and document products, services and e-solutions to the retailers, consumers, professionals, and business customers.

Fujifilm, the total photographic company, for years has brought us Fujicolor and YKL Color Films. To add up to this excellent lineup, it has also supplied us with one-hour photofinishing solutions with various minilabs, instant cameras, instant films, professional products and recently bringing digital technology to the forefront with the FinePix line of Digital Cameras and the Fujifilm Digital Imaging Services catering to the ever-growing photographic industry.

True photographic prints, this is what you get when you bring you images to Fujifilm. And anywhere you see the Fujifilm Digital Imaging sign; you are assured of high quality service from your digital and film cameras through our Frontier Minilab machine. Flexibility is the key; we accept a wide array of media: negative, positive and black and white films, CD’s, Zip, and Floppy disks, various memory cards old prints and even your images copied on CD; Fujifilm can print it!

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Company Name:

YKL Color Incorporated

Year Established:

1974: YKL Color Lab operated as the sole distributor of Fuji Photo Film Co.,Ltd (founded 1934)and in 2009 became YKL Color Incorporated.
Business Fields:
Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor of Photographic equipment, supplies and photo developing services.

Business Address:
#24 Sto. Domingo Street, Bgy. Santo Domingo Quezon City Philippines

Telephone No.:

(+632) 743-6601 to 06

Fax No.:

(+632) 413-9311, 414-7848, 732-4661, 740-5726




“Sa Fujifilm, laging maganda ang pictures mo!” (English translation: At Fujifilm, you’ll get great pictures all the time!)